PrestaShop SEO Series – Road to SEO Part 1

Road to SEO Part 1
PrestaShop 1.7 SEO Series

Recently I got a lot more into the whole SEO topic and finally started to check the ranking of my own online store hosted in PrestaShop 1.7 and what can I say? Its horrible!

So it is about time to do something about this incredibly important matter! I mean, isn’t it obvious that search engine ranking is crucial for a successful online store? What’s the point of all other efforts if Google just can’t find you?

PrestaShop SEO Roadmap – One thing at a time

As I am still quite new to all of this, I will start this new series on my blog where I will be changing up things about my store to improve my search engine ranking.

The plan is to change one thing at a time and to monitor it’s effects on my Google ranking.

Start at the beginning

First things first, before anything I will google my page and see HOW the result shows up in the list. If it doesn’t look appealing, why should anyone want to click on it? Imagine, finally somebody can find your page but between all those other beautiful search results from your competitors your’s is more like…. well see for yourself.

Google Search Result
Google Search Result

Holy cow, is this even real? Why would anyone ever want to click on this or even buy anything?? OK, let’s see how one of the biggest competitors in the German market is doing:

Competitor Search Result

Well, that looks much better, let’s work towards this step by step. As said before this series is for Prestashop hosted shops. The SEO rules nevertheless apply for all shop systems, you will just have to find your way through your shop settings.

If you do not know what PrestaShop is or you want to find out more about it, you should definitely check out their site

PrestaShop 1.7 Settings

Log in to your Prestashop Admin Dashboard and go to Shop Parameters -> Traffic & SEO. You will find a lot of possible options there. Let’s start with the index page as PrestaShop is suggesting.

Prestashop 1.7 SEO Settings Page
Prestashop 1.7 SEO Settings Page

Click to configure your index page which is the main page of your store and make sure to enter a good description and keywords in all languages your shop is using.

Prestashop SEO Settings Index Page
Prestashop SEO Settings Index Page
Prestashop SEO Settings Index Page EN
PrestaShop SEO Settings Index Page English

Make sure you saved all your settings. Now go to Google and search for your page. No, the new description will not show up immediately in search results. SEO takes time! But you can open your page in your browser and right click it. Select View Source and try to find your title, description and keywords somewhere at the beginning of the page.

Now let’s see how long these changes will need to take effect!

Greetings, Barbara

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