Custom Shipping – FREE PrestaShop 1.7 Module

Custom Shipping – Our first PrestaShop 1.7 Module is finally here,  and its available for FREE!

We constantly kept running into the same situation, where some special custom orders needed some special custom shipping costs, too. So we started searching for a module which would allow us to enter an individual amount of shipping costs for any order created manually through back office. We didn’t search long to find a free module developed by soulseekah which was available for everyone via GitHub (see link: for more information).

It basically did exactly what we wanted and after tweaking it a little bit we used it on a daily base for our online shop.

Time to migrate, folks!

This year we decided to finally start to migrate our online store to PrestaShop 1.7 and started to adapt one module after another. Now this is the first one we are publishing, here and on the official PrestaShop forum (see link and discussion there:

About the module – what it does and what it doesn’t

So this is a back office module only, for obvious reasons, as we surely don’t want our customers to determine shipping costs on their own.

Upon installation, a custom carrier will be created. Please do not change anything there. If you did already, please reset the module to ensure proper function.

The carrier will be installed with the same tax rate as are the majority of the existing carriers and will be applied to all delivery zones.

If you run a shop within European Union, you most probably use the module “Legal Compliance”, too. The custom carrier will work as expected if the option “Proportionate tax for shipping and wrapping” is activated and tax is calculated correctly. Just make sure you enter the shipping costs including tax when creating the order.

Module Gallery

Final note

Feel free to use the module at your own discretion but please test it before you use it in your online store! Let me know about your experiences with the use of this module, and if you have any questions or ideas I’ll be happy to hear from you.

Disclaimer: We are giving this away for free, so please again test it thoroughly, we cannot be held responsible for any negative consequences!

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